Viral Video Marketing Survey

I am always curious to ask these people who make these videos how much money do they make? The answer is in many cases a lot. People find their way onto TV, into music and other talents. Online video is the best way to get discovered. Being proficient is a great way to keep the fame going once you get it and have a lasting career. Perez Hilton for example has a very viral career. He gets to sit back and watch the mill destroy people while his own career seems to get better every day. Perez Hilton as a blogger and celebrity gets bigger than ever. Perez is a cult figure. Marketing obviously or not so obviously is a key driver in his success. He came up quick and stays up. I think his story is both an inspiration and lesson to marketers everywhere. Branding Branding Branding. And did I mention BRANDING? Branding makes lasting success. Branding builds viral viscosity. We need brands and we need them bad. Well back to the viral video marketing survey. I read somewhere that advertising money going into viral video is going mad up. Why not be your own ad is my question. I say we gots to promote ourselves. Would not that be cool? No really that is what viral video is our own ad. It can drive the people to our site where we can set the trap with some good stuff.


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