Twitter Growth

Twitter is growing at an exponential rate. For people who do not know where to start with being successful online, twitter may be the best first place to start. Twitter is actually more complicated than it looks. A good resource for twitter in general is Twitip. Micro blogging may very well become the next blogging. Twitter is in many ways much easier to follow stuff. Best of all the twitter stream is fresh and its here. Sometimes something on a blog can be really old and just sitting there. Just a page in a book. Twitter is hot and like much of social media helps drive traffic to websites, makes people more friends, and is a valuable marketing tool for people interested in that. I firmly believe that twitter has not really developed and is still in its infancy. If we think back to the early days of the face book it looked nothing like it does today. The growth of twitter will also drive its developers into creating something pretty gnarly. More sites have been built around twitter than most other social networks bar a few. This is what makes twitter so powerful. Everyone is watching closely.


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