The Top Ten Worst Blogging Mistakes Ever Made

1. Not sticking with the blog long enough. Blogging is a game that the longer a blog is out the more money it makes.

2. Spending too much time on failed ideas. If the blog can not pull significant viral traffic relatively quickly it may be doomed to never being in the top 1000.

3. Themes, pictures, video games and multimedia that slow the loading time of a site so long that people get up and turn their tv on.

4. Leaving the title and labels fields blank! Blogs do not really need them sure. You will still get traffic but... Titles and labels are major tools and not just an annoying step.

5. Doing too much to fit into the blogosphere.

6. Too much non original stuff. Some blogs are full of widgets, content, and other things that may be creative commons but... Unless they are trying to bring it all together in some where people are most interested in what can be created than what can be gathered of web images and whatever.

7. Deleting your first blog. Bloggers start the mythical first blog only to be horrified at how bad it is. They quickly delete it at 5 in the morning. The right thing to do is to delete any posts you do not like. If you are sick of the idea link off to your next project to keep the link juice you built up.

8. Not having enough faith in the blogosphere and social media. Blogging is a big deal. It is not silly. Take other blogs seriously.

9. Linking out too much. Do not always link. Produce some good stuff. Writing, pictures, videos, etc.

10. Believing that because the blog gets not traffic that it is bad. Even a trickle of traffic can make some mad ppc cash.


Kemp March 31, 2009 at 11:05 AM  

Thanks for a great post.

Both enlightening and encouraging for newbie bloggers like myself.

This is the kind of blog post I would like to link to. I cannot help myself with widgets and outside links.

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