Social Media for Business

Social media is very important for a successful business. Using social media to drive traffic to a website and create conversions is a practical way of increasing the earnings of a business. If your business is good and you promote it, world will get out and travel the world. Check out these social media sites for your business:

1. Linked In is an excellent business directory that allows businesses to fill out a detailed profile and utilize many applications and open source technologies in their campaigns.

2. The Face Book - Give your business a face on one of the most dynamic social community sites out there.

3. Myspace grew out of people's need to create their own free space and promote themselves. Myspace has a unique set of users that adapt well to changing trends.

4. Twitter is fast becomming the most exciting and dynamic social community online. Twitter is easy to use, is fun and allows for information to be spread around the globe in a second.

5. Plurk is the alter ego of twitter. Plurk moves horizontally and has more options in the posting and profile settings including fun karma options.

6. Hi5 is fast emerging as the myspace in many countries around the globe that have set up shop. Hi5 is dynamic and easy to use.

7. Digg is the ultimate article submission site that can generate alot of traffic and attention which is great for businesses that are used to advertising costs.

8. Mixx is similar to digg but can in many cases drive a lot of traffic even without landing the coveted front page spots.

9. Reddit is the social bookmarking site for the 'real' business people. Reddit even has a business category and it does not have to many categories.

10. Sky Rock is a hot teen related community with an active base of chatting, blogging, listening to music and having fun.

11. Delicious is a social bookmarking site laied out much like an encyclopedia. Build up your profile and drive traffic to your links its that easy.

12. You Tube this video giant always out does itself. This is a site where getting thousands of views is the norm. Leverage you tube well and you have yourself free video advertising. Just try to get your partner to get back to work and turn off his camera.

13. Blogger is google's free blogging medium where free blogs can be quickly pieced together creating a great online promotional package, profiles in all.

14. Type Pad is a blogging community with good profiles and daily fresh news and exciting content.

That is about it. I would appreciate some comments.


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