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So google creates this page rank thing. Websites rank from zero to ten. Ten is the best page rank. Where does your online business fall? Some history: Google page rank should be of concern for anyone with a website. After all the page rank determines how much google traffic your website or blog receives which in many cases determines income especially with ppc advertising. So how can we increase the page rank? Simply creating a quality content superior site. Fundamentally the keywords must be aligned and one in the same. One topic one blog is the old saying for a great page rank. This is not always true but a site with two posts using the key word of the URL, title, and description can have a much higher page rank than a blog with a million posts that do not line up. Secondly page rank is an algorithm based on incoming links versus out going links. No two links have the same value, and sites can have value unto themselves even if they are porous with link juice leaking out all over. Deep linking has major rewards in page rank. If you link to yourself link deep, to specific, posts, pages, sub domains etc on yourself to tell google that you have an appropriate website structure. When you link to other sites deep linking can score ping backs, track backs, which count as a small but vital vote in the page rank system. Google gives a lot of credit to online bookmarks because bookmarking chatter is very important influence on traffic and quality of site. High page rank sites for instance see the front page of digg a lot and are noted in delicious a lot. Google's algorithm records this. Other ways of keeping page rank high include, not spamming, keeping the template disease free, keeping traffic in your site, and just being an overall good person. Google knows these things.


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