Online Marketing Scams

There are many scams circulating around the Internet. Because of this it is important to quickly identify them. Most people who spend a lot of time online will stay only on major sites and use major services. For example google AdSense is less likely to be a scam company because if it started scamming people it would make national headlines. On the other hand if a small affiliate company scams you of your earnings so what then? In the game of making money online many people prey on the whole concept of an easy button. For example just do as I say and you will make millions in one hour. Most scams are just trying to part people with their hard earned money and treasures. I say why not flip the tables and just not consume their products and they will go away. Unfortunately some people are so good at scamming they will never go away. Never trust any person online when they approach you for something. They just want to exploit you for your money, or your links from you blog, so do not be gullible. If you do reviews do it through an official review site or with companies that you initiate the review and set the terms in a real contract. Some good resources regarding net scams include:

1. Scam Busters

Please leave a detailed comment on how you have been scammed online or in life.


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