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Microblogging has swept the world. Have you heard of twitter? Twitter seems more important than any online social community now. The reasons includes twitter's fast growth and many surrounding it. Twitter is big like the word google AdSense or affiliate program. Twitter was made by the same people or person who created blogger. Who ever that is, is deffinitely on a major role in the programming field. Yammer is another micro blogging community. As you can see community is key in microblogging. Because people put out everything in small bits and everyone else is watching there is a small space. Microblogging brings the world together watching for the next post. So what are some other top tier microblogging services?

1. Tumblr aka the tumble log allows the interspersing of powerful feeds, the use of one's own domain, and a rich and powerful features make my wonder why I do not just blog a tumblr.

2. Jaiku is like twitter meets myspace which meets youtube etc.

3. Hictu

4. Naija Pulse

5. Sweetter

Many, many more microblogging services exist so it would be my deepest honor to turn it over to you to name every single one in the comments section. The people who successfully name the most are really special.


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