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Blogger is a great way to start blogging. Blogger is free, is easy to use and can be left and never needs up keep. As much as many people look negatively on blogger I think it is the perfect storm. It is always hard to compete when the cost of entry is nothing. Many people use blogger to try niches or made for affiliate product sites. Others use blogger to try to solidify ideas. Blogger is never a waste of time and with top sites from blogger the possibilities are very big or good or whatever. Some great make money sites on blogger include:

1. Money Maker Info

2. Web Talks

3. Stock Tube

4. Etienneteo

5. Make Money For Beginners

6. Money Earners Online

7. Bloganol

8. Wijoo

9. Mint Blogger

10. Pinoy Deal 11

12. Great Ways To Make Money Online

13. Blogger Stop

14. Blogger Tricks

15. Call Center Blogger

16. I Bloggered

17. Money Online Thoughts

18. Blog Me The Money

19. Your Online Career

20. Webbie Tips

21. Recession Proof Life

22. The 1 Legend

23. Vlogger Con

24. How Publishing Really Works

25. Achmad Z

26. Cinema Tech

27. Marketing Expert

28. Free Internet Marketing Tips

29. Blogger Widgets

30. Trader Feed

31. SEO Tips For U

32. Earn Money From Blog

33. My Adlets

Blogger has many more great blogs these are just a few. Please leave a comment.


Mohamed Thoufeeq May 31, 2009 at 8:31 PM  

Presented in a very tidy manner.
Thanks for the useful info.

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