Is Wordpress Easy To Use

Wordpress is one of the easiest blogging mediums to use. That is precisely why wordpress is so popular. One major thing to consider is that if you are an intermittent blogger and you for example miss an update something may happen. Some hosting companies for example have a cpanel where wordpress must be one click updated. When you update changes to the template are lost for example. A consequence of this may be that an adsense ad that I place in the header will be gone and I have to redo it. To amend this situation there are plugins that get around this and auto update wordpress but they must be installed. In this sense wordpress is more hands on than many other beginner and more intuitive blogging mediums. But with choices comes freedom. If you want you site to be the best it can be wordpress is one of the best ways to do it albeit the challenge. I have encountered numerous people in forums who actually abandoned wordpress because it was simply more work to keep up then they had time for. In this case blogging on blogger may be a better option. A basic work ethic is required for wordpress and if you do not want to do that there are many other great options. Please leave a comment.


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