Is Twitter Any Good

Twitter may be one of the most important micro-blogging sites to anyone in the fields of blogging, Internet marketing and business. On twitter people create a tweet which is a short instant message. In this message they can link drop or use the @ symbol to make a tweet like @someones name. Using the @ symbol opens up channels of communications between people and creates attention and a flow of traffic. Following people also creates traffic. The more people that one follows and is followed by the more channels are opened. Then people are always streaming through each other's follower list. Every day I wake up I get so many new followers that their seems to be no end in my email account. Twitter accounts have been effectively used as direct links to affiliate landing pages, ebooks and other for sale Internet sites. This ability of people to market a simple little space is really unprecedented in social media. That is how people knew that we had a revolution on our hands. Many major bloggers have created sites specifically dedicated to twitter. One blog is called twitip. Twitip was started by Darren Rowse, but is regularly guest authored. Within the comments people can put their twitter address to drive people off of the blog onto their twitter profile and hopefully to follow them. Some twitter related sites and apps to checkout include:

1. Twitterholic is the list of the top users.

2. Let's Follow gives reason to the follow.

3. Big Tweet brings twitter to the browser to free up people to search the web for gold nuggets.

4. Twellow is a directory of people who tweet by category.

5. Micro Blog Buzz is a site that keeps up with the world of micro blogs. This is why after a tweet people see traffic come from other sites besides twitter. There are zillions of sites like this always tracking social media feeds.

6. Twitscoop shows what is being covered on twitter. Twitscoop is to twitter as technorati is to blogging.

7. Friend or Follow lets people sort our who is following them, friends or not very easily.

8. Twitoria helps people eliminate following and followers that are inactive on twitter.

The list goes on for sites with tools, apps and services related to twitter. The whole point is that their is an adsense like gold rush to twitter that is the hot new keyword in social media. If you have not a twitter account get one. Please leave a comment.


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