Is Google Making Us Stupid Analysis

Recently I was watching some PBS show that claimed checking the email decreased brain waves and killed the brain some how. This claim seemed to make a lot of sense in some ways but in other ways is highly unsubstantiated. In the same way some might say google is making us stupid because it makes our lives easier. In that case I will say all right. The piece missing in that argument is how hard online marketers, business entrepreneurs and the make money online crowd have to think to be successful. I would think that this inspired thinking would make their brain grow and they would become smarter. So the short answer is that google is what we make of it. There was a time that we sat down and watched TV for 24 hours a day. Now we are making blogs, coding, designing new apps and doing everything else online thanks to google. So in some ways google has turned us all into inventors. I remember as a kid at the Thomas Edison home or maybe somewhere else thinking all great ideas were discovered. Well truth be told these days I feel like that discovery is at my finger tips in this infinite online world of google and many other great sites. Sure the dubbing down of the world occurs online but if we push our selves to leave the beaten path there is room for brain stimulation. For example if I hear of something and do not know what it is about I search google and wikipedia for the answer. When I find the answer my brain grows and that is what google is all about. Discovery. Please leave a comment.


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