Is Google Chrome Faster Than Firefox

Today we are in the browser wars. Many companies now operate online instead of coming packaged in the ole PC. Two such companies that have been making headway for years are google chrome and FireFox. Both browsers have stolen the spot light and have brought us into a new era of web browsers. Personally I am a bit nostalgic when google discontinued its AdSense referral program where FireFox was one of people's favorite program to sell. Every site on the Internet it seemed was pedalling FireFox. Then sort of recently Google chrome came out and became the fastest browser on the web, but this did not come without costs. (Many people had usability issues that are still being resolved and tweaked.) There are actually situations when FireFox is actually must faster and easier to use than google chrome. This all depends on the type of computer the browser is used on, what is being done on the web, the history of using the browser and how well its installed, browser health, etc. Most serious computer people have every browser on their computer from safari, Internet explorer, and FireFox to the infamous google chrome and beyond. Personally I use whatever browser that I need to get the job done and switch if for example some field on the Internet will not work in a particular browser. In the end I am publishing this article on Internet explorer so I will tip my hat to Microsoft. Please leave a comment.


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