Is Blogger Better Than Wordpress

The debate of blogger vs wordpress as to which blogging service is best is complicated. Blogger is free, easy to use and has its own social community build into it. On the other hand wordpress is a great open source program that has established itself as the premier blogging tool. In reality it is a good idea to blog on both. As a blogger leveraging social media is very important so even contributing to the blogspot community once a month can be worth your while. On the other hand wordpress is far more extensible and has been used to build everything from simple blogs to gigantic social communities, search engines and complex aggregators. The debate will never end and there is good reason for this. Wordpress because of the price of web hosting is required takes more capital to create. As a result many bloggers see the world of wordpress being the veteran bloggers versus blogger being where people start. This is not entirely true as many top blogs are printed on blogger so this stereotype does not hold up. Wordpress unlike blogger can easily be morphed with themes and plug ins and in one click people can have a professional looking website that like even a year ago would have been amazing. Blogger on the other hand can be changed but this takes knowledge in html which many people do not know really well. One of the great advantages of blogger though is its ability to withstand traffic surges. This is because blogger is owned by google which uses better technology than the average budget hosting company that people take out for the use of wordpress. The debate rages on. I personally like blogger and wordpress equally. What side are you on?


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