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Making money online and in life is about opening up multiple streams of income. We often associate an income stream as a source of money that is fairly steady for at least a few days. We need to have multiple income streams because if one dries up we have others to rely upon. For instance if we use AdSense, and kontera we are more likely to see any money than if we only relied on kontera to power our online revenue. It does not matter what you do, your interests, or anything it is always smart to open up new and interesting money making door. So you have a website and make money from it, well why not try the stock market, eBay, or a home business. So you draw a pay check why not try starting your own business on the side. The multiple streams of income makes a lot of sense for all people so I would highly recommend to study blogs, ebooks, books, magazines, and people who can help you open up new streams of income. Robert Kiyosaki for example is a great inspiration to me. There is an old quote from him where he says that if you are lazy and incompetent then you should go into business. Well I'm not sure if that is a Robert Kiyosaki quote or not but I think it does not matter what you look like, what society thinks of you, how beat down you are, or how financially hurt you feel, there is no reason to not try opening up a few burstable income streams. What I mean by burstable is that they have no roof like online advertising, owning a business, or selling stuff, creating a multiple stream income has the potential of making you the richest person on earth. The master of a multiple stream income is Robert G Allen. Check out his site.

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