How to Monetize Your Website

Making money with a website is a simple yet effective way to get a foot into the door of the wonderful world of business. Websites are simple to make, cheap or free to maintain and are a hobby that makes people grow and enjoy the simpler things in life. During a rain storm for instance people curled up next to a fire may make a blog entry that makes them 100 dollars. When the rain stops they can take that money and buy anything they want with it. Who could not use a little extra money anyways. Squidoo is a great online magazine where people can make money producing content and promoting their web stuff at the same time. In squidoo people need to be approved so keep that in mind. Another option is to get your own blog on blogger and put google AdSense on it. This way you can see if you like blogging. The great advantage of blogger is that if you leave the blog for months it will continue to accrue revenue whereas a hosted website may go down when you are not around to install the updates. If you want to take your website monetization to the next level try the amazon associates program. Amazon is an amazing company and their affiliate programs is one of the best online. Amazon differs from other affiliate programs in their diversity of products to fit any website. Other ways to make money online include selling stuff on ebay and craigslist. Having to sell real stuff can be more intensive but can be fun and rewarding. Try azoogle ads also. There are many advertising options but give azoogle a try you might make some money. I am about out of ideas for website monetization so if you have any better ideas please leave a comment.


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