How to Make a Website

Many people do not really understand what a website is but they want to make one. This is a good idea because the Internet is an important communication medium. Websites are infinitely customizable and can be alot of fun to make. The first step is to pick a web host. There are many web hosts out there and many are good and many are bad. It is very important to find the host that is right for you. The two host companies that I currently use are DreamHost and HostICan. I have tried some others that have burned me pretty bad but please leave a comment if you know of any more good hosting companies. Once you get your hosting there is generally a menu where people can control all aspects of their site. It is in this location that important choices are made like which scripts with which sub domains or domain and everything else that the webmaster controls like a pilot does an airplane. The control panel is like another language but most of it can easily be learned online and even basic programming is littered all over the net. One major skill that most average people need is the ability to upload themes like on word press and to tweak them. People can buy this stuff but the whole tweak a theme game is pretty easy. People also buy some premium themes as well. Check out all of the scripts you get and always study online new ways to make your site better. I feel like you will invent the next my space. Please leave a comment.


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