How to Leverage Your Time

There are many time traps in the game of social media leveraging including spending too much time leveraging social media. Many bloggers for instance spend precious time after a post going to every social site on earth and telling the world about it. This is good because going to other social media sites and leveraging your blog or online business is a great way to get people to show up. On the other hand not managing your time and doing this too much is a mistake. Limiting your social media leveraging to a few social mediums a day or a single social media source like twitter can save you tons of time. That is ultimately why twitter is so hot. It essentializes the social functions of social media to the point that I could tell the world about my new post in a second and be on to the next post. Another way of saving a lot of time would be to create a made for digg post for example. After you publish this post then only submit it to digg once and be on to your next post or web project. Another great time sink is just blogging over and over or creating the same types of sites over and over. Repetition without some serious gain is a painful mistake. Most marketers spend more time on planning and execution of marketing strategy rather than leaving out free web content for others to freely interact with. Marketers think more about setting up online stores, leveraging affiliate companies and making important and constructive contacts with various people online to help each other with group projects. The best marketers are good with time management. How do you save time online?


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