How Internet Business Works

Internet is a lot like any other business. The Internet never the less is a unique innovative position to leverage online communications for max profits. Social media, search engines, email, instant messaging, and any other online communications form can be leveraged in the name of business. Some businesses just sell ad space while other run complex commerce sites. The whole concept of the business model is revolutionized each day as technology rapidly changes. Many online companies rely heavily on programming technologies and are more app driven then product driven like many real world businesses. The services online can many times be abstract. Not long ago people would have laughed at me if I brought the proposal of the face book to the table in a business meeting. Still people have the view that social media and the Internet in general is silly. There are marketers for instance who use sites like twitter and YouTube to generate millions of dollars a year. They do not want people finding out who they are or how much they earn because the competition would dry up the money pot. Other people set up commerce affiliate stores and make a lot of money making it easier for people to find what they need at the best price. Few real standing stores can offer this type of value of any person selling something anywhere in the world. Talk about taking advantage of supply and demand! To be fair some of the largest retailers do very well online and actually spread into other online technologies and services. Amazon a site that is an online store site has really embodied where I suspect the future of goods and services are going. Amazon has a great affiliate program, crazy good developers and great prices. The technology of amazon is what really keeps it afloat. Just imagine if amazon did not have the affiliate program. Then how would amazon compete with the next site selling stuff when all results are easy to find on any search? I think if anyone can answer this they have found the secret of Internet business. And one more thing have you heard of google?


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