How Do I Start a Business

Starting a business is an empowering act. People who collect pay checks are slaves to the company rather than the customer which is much more fulfilling. When the pay checks stop many people go homeless and suffer even more. The great advantage of starting a business is that many times people can sample part time what it takes to own their own business while their work, and as their business draws a profit they can wean themselves from wage slavery. With the inception of the Internet communication is sped up and promotion is both free and easy. We live in a world that is brought together online, in virtual cities. We email each other, we cheer each other on and we enjoy life online. The Internet is much like a live video game where real money can be won instead of fake points. Digital real estate is at an all time high and is more integral to a business then is a listing in a phone book. Some good business starter resources include:

1. The Small Business Association has a great starter tip pages involving what it takes to get into business.

2. My Own Business is a virtual business walk through.

3. Entrepreneur is an online business upstart news mag.

That about wraps up my article on some basic info on starting a great business. Please leave a comment.


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