How Do Blogs Get Popular

There are infinite ways that a blog can get big but here are a few that I can think of. Many bloggers of popular blogs are authorities, or cult figures in real life and that just transfers to their websites. An example is that a famous journalist who starts a blog does not start at ground zero like most people. Secondly many popular blogs have really good content and as a result word gets out. The whole world can catch news of a great blog in a single day. It happens all of the time. Thirdly many bloggers shake up social media for all it is worth. Creating ties in social media sites like twitter, youtube, facebook, plurk, or whatever can greatly increase blog traffic and popularity. Many marketers devote their whole life to social media marketing. Fourth a blog can get popular because it is really made well for search engines. Many great bloggers before even making a post go to various search engines and key word tools and derive the phrases that are commonly searched to get the search traffic. This is an excellent way to make money as well as search traffic is easy to convert in the online advertising game. Fifth many blogs become popular because they have a hitch. For example some guys made the worlds largest paper clip and are now blog legends. The power of online media is that there is no admission charge and if the crow digs it things go way big. The term for this is crowd sourcing. There was a time that the gate keepers controlled everything but with crowd sourcing people now who have enough people with them can become internet and business superstars. There are many other ways that blogs can become popular. Can you think of any other ways?


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