How Do Blogs Get Discovered

Blog discovery happens a variety of ways but the most important way is social media. The second a person makes a blog or a blog post many sites, aggregators and people start moving the content around the Internet and around the world. This fundamental person to person exchange of ideas is how things get moved. Whether it be with GMail or with facebook our social media is the most important way for a blog to get discovered. Search engines play another crucial role in blog discovery. Especially topical blogs that regularly write posts on topics that search engines like google will need will get a lot of search traffic. Search traffic differs from social traffic in that it is much less likely to spread the word. The third way blogs get discovered is through promotional methods like advertising. Many for profit blogs have a lot of money to burn on advertising and successfully do so. Blogs can get discovered may other ways as well. Please leave a comment if you know any other means of blog discovery.


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