How Can I Make Money From My Website

Websites can be tricky to monetize and may take many tweaks to start seeing a return for your hard work. In many cases traffic can be a major currency in a ppc world, and sites enabled for commerce (Magneto and Network Solutions) can become gold mines online. People interact with your content. Content can be monetize through affiliate links (Commission Junction) and can generate money in a non intrusive integrated way. Another ways of monetizing written content includes in text advertising (Kontera). In text advertising is a great pay per click solution that does not take up valuable site space that can be used for better purposes than holding big banner ads. Also forums and message boards because their run deep get totally monetized top to bottom with in text advertising. Getting your blog or website sponsored (Blogging Sponsorships) is another great alternative to making money online. When website owners and sponsors work together the situation cuts out the middle man and the games that advertisers and sponsors must play. As a result the terms change but most blogs that get sponsored must also maintain a high level of professionalism, traffic, and results or they may end up just sticking banner ads in the sponsor slots. Some bloggers get a lot of money through cyber begging (Pay Pal). There are many people online willing to make a donation to great sites that have for instance taught them something or gave the web a valuable service. Monetization and marketing go hand and hand. For instance most people who are monetizing their website must promote their brand. The perfect solution for website promotion is Twitter. Twitter is an online social community centered around micro blogging that has so much built around it that twitter is a marketers dream because of its traffic driving properties. Twitter like most social media can be monetized as well (Twitt Ad). Twitter accounts are really worth gold in the online marketing world. Video marketing(YouTube) is another effective way of bringing in traffic and brand building. Remember to accurately tag the videos and leave a URL link with the video. If most bloggers did a daily vlog talking about their best article of the day and linking to it they would experience much more traffic than had they not. Video advertising also is highly viral and connects with people on a personal level. Many other monetization and marketing strategies exist please tell us about your favorite way to make money online.


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