How Business Works

Business in my mind is any way of making money. Many businesses sell things and services. Realistically costs are always competing with profit. Generally the best business people know how to manage costs. An example of this for an online business person may be shopping around for cheaper web hosting, or merely going at it alone long and hard to keep every penny earned. Internet companies have a history of big profits because of the nature of the Internet able to reach many people around the world simultaneously. This is special and few businesses are so rewarded for innovation. For example I need not be an expert to tell you that google is doing quite well financially. Online marketers too make fortunes selling e books, driving traffic to ad laden sites, and cracking the various money codes. For more robust ground operating companies that expand beyond small groups of marketing guru's the Internet remains a relatively untapped sorta free resource. Business in won and lost online as is customer relations, and profits. Online business people need to continually rethink what innovation means to them to get big profits. Search engine optimization, and social media leveraging are both in grid lock and can be a reward sometimes and other times these things can be a curse.


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