How Business Is Organized

When we think in terms of profits our expectations for business tend to be specific. Yet business looses more money each year because of its organizational practices. An example might be that a single person call marketing for a university in a basement on Friday afternoon will usually make more money and be more productive than an entire floor of a company. The reason for this comes down to motivation. A student of course wants money. But at the same time if people go to a decent school they sorta expect some intrinsic good within it. Many companies are so bad and treat people so horribly that it creates an ineffective team. Business is something that must be believed in. Google is a good example of this. They give a lot for free. They monetize off of what people need. And they run a diverse and expanding business. Google is probably the future business model for the best and brightest companies, and small businesses. We need to put more energy into creating a quality product than enforcing a silly dress code, or having long and pointless water cooler conversations. Business is also leaving the building. For example an affiliate company has affiliates that in many cases it never even sees or meets. These people work from the comfort of their home online, on the phone, door to door or other ways. People tend to be more effective when they are on their own and are rewarded for what they do. These super affiliates for example make more than many sales people ever had because of expanding the power of communications and increasing demand for an increasing number of products. Many of the most successful products were made remotely, sold remotely and are consumed remotely. A make money online book from amazon for instance follows none of the traditional product channels do. Amazon perhaps is the only traditional business link but it is more of a vehicle than a commerce driver. Amazon provides the product and people create the products and drive the marketing innovation. People market best to people because they understand numbers and the urgency to efficiently do things. The future of business is in people.


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