How Business Is Changing

Business is changing in many ways. Fist individuals are now more than ever running their own small, medium and large businesses. This has in many ways impacted how big business has to always compete with a growing number of people who are very mobile and smart. Information is changing. Knowledge is spreading on the Internet and many marketing strategies are simply not working anymore. People view the world differently and advertising must reflect this. Many niches are growing. Now is a time of extreme opportunity to gain big profits in niche marketing. An example online would be the free game business. Business is happening in different places. People who are many hundreds of miles from the nearest city or even gas station have increasingly better access to many of the same things people have in cities. There is no longer a real center of business. There is neither a wall street or a main street. Macro business is spreading to the ends of the earth. Business must do a lot more for the customer. People now expect better service and greater values. Many companies will shut their doors because of these simple reasons. All business will have a heavier reliance on digital and online technologies. It is simply not enough to have a website. Businesses must also be innovators online and in the world of marketing as well. Products must serve the consumer. We are no longer catering to a consumer who wants a fish but rather wants to be taught to fish. Businesses need a map. The amount of planning that business does now is not enough. There will be a need for overhaul and now is the time.


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