How Blogs Started

The Internet had its many early adaptors. You may be included in this category. The early days of the Internet people were making websites and businesses and breaking boundaries. E Commerce sites with reviews became major hot beds of user generated information. This is how much of online technology is built out of necessity, and inevitability. Blogs of all types were quickly born out of the ashes of the super tech surges of the 80s and 90s. (The first blog existed probably long before the dates often sited) Bloggers wanted to figure out ways to put information of things that they did day to day and other stuff online. Creating the blog format, and feeds like rss through programming was relatively speaking a natural progression built on the technological frame work of the time and even today. The popularity of blogging quickly spread and soon groups of people with open source projects, and companies hoping to cash in on this new found technology grew daily. As the ability to make money from blogs grew so to was the willingness of people to spend time creating content. It did not take long before blogging would take off. Even in the early days people knew just as we know today how powerful the Internet is!


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