Good Luck Banners

This is a continuation of my post about blog banners. I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed typing it. The old saying goes that all great blogs have banners. The reality is that most great blogs do. These banners can define branding and are worn by other blog veterans aka bloggers in the upper 100,000 for traffic and have been blogging since before blogging was invented. Do you have the right and proper banners for your blog, website or web business. If the answer if no go to widget box and develop a viral blog widget. I love widget box and wonder why I do not just go there and never leave. Well to complicate my life, making banners is confusing except that blogger buster did bust the secrets of banner creation. I am very glad that they did the leg work to make our lives easier. What a blog. Blogspottutorial does a good job on the web banners as well. What would we do without all of these free resources? Go to computer school. Read books and basically spend money when people are willing and able to teach us the tips and tricks for free all on the Internet. What a world. What a marvelous world.


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