A Few Random Blog Tips For Beginners

There is often a distinction that many bloggers make between newbie bloggers and the legend long time bloggers. There is a suggestion that the newbies read the make money online sites, while the experts would never step foot on any site related to making money online. I am sure that people who know a lot about blogging, and the Internet get sick of the same topics spun again and again until these sites run out of things to say. On the other hand how can they stay current in their craft without checking out a blog to learn the latest and the greatest. I am a firm believer that there is a lot of good content out there that is really helpful. There is also information on top blogs that is highly misleading. For example a top blog giving a really bad web hosting recommendation for the sake of making more affiliate money. Even worse the article gave the suck label to probably a better web host to build fake credibility. I guess we all have to make money but my point is take the information with a grain of salt. A Few good blogs about blogging and making money online include Blogger Unleashed and Blog About Nothing At All.


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