Do Web Designers Make a Lot Of Money

The answer is definitely yes and no. The better designers, who can market themselves and help their clients be very successful can make alot of money. Unfortunately the job market and competition in the web design field is rather large. Add to this the many free designs, free themes and free everything else that undermine the direct income of individual designs. On the other hand theme designers who are very creative not just with putting a nice picture on the site but rather rocking the navigation, seo, etc is bound to do well. An example of this would be the success of the thesis theme for word press. Many site the issue that we are moving away from design and more into a world where programming and software are where the big money is at. Programming is more involved to learn but in many ways is like an online engineer. Web designers do need to have good marketing skills for their clients as well because a great design can make or break a website. Web design like anything else is a hit and a miss. There are lawyers for instance who making nothing but being a lawyer is a high paying job. Get into web design if you enjoy it and not for the money. That is sound advice for any job.


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