Do Not Set Up A Blog Build a Community

Many people buy into concepts of blogging too quickly. They focus on what the best blog scripts are to help them be a pro blogger and they turn their back on community and content management scripts that could build web communities for themselves. Online communities build their own content except for maintenance. Imagine not really doing much with a site in 6 months yet it does not go a day without being active? There are numerous scripts and plug ins that can build online communities. Some people for instance turn word press into a community instead of a blog. While others go for mambo, joomla, drupal, geeklog, elgg, pligg, and any other script or software on the market for building a community. Many scripts are ready out of the box while others require uploading plug ins and other add ons. Message boards and forums for example are a great way to keep people on your site. With a good forum people go directly there and even drive good links and search spots. Any domain can have a script, the domains subs can have scripts and these scripts can be weaved together through links and creating a one spot sign in which in many cases is not incredibly complicated.

Some Scripts, Programs, Downloads and other related type of stuff:

Media Scripts

Entertainment Scripts

PSI Labs


The Port

Small World Labs

Kick Apps

Mini Web 2





Geek Log



PHP Nuke

PHP Builder

PHP Fusion

PHP Explode

The list goes on. Just find a community software that is easy for you. Even set it up on the home page of a domain. Tweak the theme. Throw adds up top. And you could be seeing a great residual income. After all some hosting plans are like 7 a year which could be over headed with ads in a month on a slow site. Do up the community thing my friends. Blogs are cool but move beyond them and you will see the light.


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