Do Blogs Work

Nope. People work for blogs. It takes a person to tweak a blog, type a blog, and read a blog. It takes a person to prepare a post, edit a post, and post a post. It takes a person. That is what blogging is all about. People. Blogging is an art, blogging is communication, and blogging is a gift much like a radio signal or a sunset. Blogging is something many people understand and relate to. Blogging is inspiring. We can learn from blogging. Just type your question into Google and be prepared to be taken to a great blog. Blogs are all about us. Blogs are our experience. People on TV just want your money. I feel blogs strive for human communication, writing, media, and all forms. Blogging is a synergy. Blogs are what that person playing guitar in front of the coffee shop feels. Blogging is powerful like space travel. We look for aliens, we stick flags in the moon and we blog. We send signals out into the cosmos and we blog. We explore the deepest oceans and we blog. We read blogs. We write blogs. We communicate on blogs. More people read blogs than anything else these days. That is how blogs work. On this site for instance many I do not know thousands of people have seen my writing, videos and pictures. In school I busted my own chops to do a lot of work. No body read it. Well these thousands or millions of people who read this blog do appreciate it more than anything I have ever done. That is because blogging is where it is at. This has nothing to do with me or my ego or my desire to make money online at all costs. Blogging is just cool and special. It works on us. Blogging is a soul journey. I am not asking you to waste your life reading blogs but rather just affirm that these blogs exist and that they are cool!


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