Do Blogs Cost Money

Blogs do cost money. Even free services like Blogger have a price. For example a person using blogger uses time, may have to pay for Internet service, may have to pay for computer or mobile device to blog on , etc. Bloggers can use advertising to effectively alleviate hosting fees for people who blog on the scripts like Wordpress. Blogging is a cost benefit analysis. Also according to a technorati state of the blogosphere report bloggers were spending more and more money on their blogs. They may spend money on themes, design, AdWords, features, software, toolbars and anything else to be successful blogging and in social media. Blogging is a mony sport my friends. But the benefits are many. I believe that people who stick with blogging will make more money than they spend, will forge deep interpersonal relationships with other people, will gain access to jobs, will have their voice be heard, and receive numerous other benefits as well. Blogging is a gift and it is a community. Be smart with your money but also give blogging a try.


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