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CPC or cost per click advertising is an effective way of monetizing a website. Generally cpc ads work best in the content, or above the fold but there is no rule and all sites monetize differently. Because cpc pays per click many times people accidentally click the ads. When people click by accident, the advertising companies will not give the publisher anything at all. Google AdSense a popular pay per click company has many ads that are arbitrage or go to suggested sites. Both cases tend to not pay until the second click or even some kind of conversion. This is very typical in pay per click. Fortunately for most power ppc publishers the difficulty in monetizing the click diminishes as the ppc companies expand the click zone, give these people unique advertising deals, and allow these people to break the terms of service in many ways. This all comes down to economics that when people first sign up for ppc they are in a pool of millions of ppc users and only after they earn the trust of the company are they allowed the newest and the best. Google adsense as of lately has been very innovative from its flipping between picture, search, and text ads to the inclusion of floating ads and even according to rumors pop ups as well. There are many ppc companies out there but google AdSense is one of the best. The advertiser competition is high which maximizes click value, and the google AdSense ads are on powerful servers that do not slow down the site speed unlike many of its competitors. Many of the top marketing guru's have stated that people can make more money not relying exclusively on AdSense (John Chow) and that AdSense is better than people think but is also very limiting in many ways(Shoe Money). AdSense has many alternatives and exploring them is never a bad thing. Online advertising is extremely innovative and in many cases AdSense is not a good pick for many sites. An example may include that a person for example likes to have an arrow pointed to the ads and write click here now. This practice for most publishers is a flagrant AdSense terms of service violation but there are many AdSense alternatives where doing this is fair game. Many publishers also have content that violates AdSense terms of service and have no choice but to use a different company. Many critics of pay per click advertising say that usually the publisher gets the least money of the three parties. Other critics often state that many ppc companies are less than honest in their reporting and keep money from the publishers. AdSense is fairly good at giving people the money they report and is an established company that will not go out of business for a while. I am not here to say that any ppc critics are wrong because they make excellent points. Most sites with good traffic and content can call advertisers and just get direct advertising and wire money irregardless of click. This situation usually makes a website much more money then does typical ppc advertising and is highly desirable. Another complaint about ppc is that when a blogger is trying to sell ad space if they have ppc advertising on their site the advertisers are less likely to want the ad spots. A solution is to just use an affiliate company and fill the spots with square banners but that does not hide the fact that ppc does compete with other advertisements on the site and with the content of the site itself. Many marketers claim that ppc dilutes the site because it offers out bound links that decrease conversions in affiliate marketing or commerce fields for an ecommerce site. This may be true though I do see many ecommerce sites that also have google AdSense for instance and many of their top publishers are actually commerce sites that have successfully experimented with google AdSense. How do you feel about ppc advertising networks?


sasquatchdad March 14, 2009 at 10:28 AM  

Don't forget to include CPA or cost per action in this marketing mix. More and more marketers are moving to a pay-for-performance model for their advertising. Cost Per Action, Cost Per Engagement and other specifically measurable performance-based marketing models are the key to efficient and effective marketing in this economy.

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