Choosing A Computer System

Choosing a computer may be the hardest thing for anyone to do. Many features, price points, and brands make matters even more complicated. I personally like the Microsoft products because they are cheap and I can replace them as technology changes. Other people like the apple mac products because they site valid reasons technical in nature. Then we must hone in to more specifically what we want. The most obvious is desk top versus lap tops. Desk top computers are many times chosen because they can be more comfortable to use than many laptops. This is why many serious computer users have both. Lap Tops are portable and much like a mobile phone allow us to do work from anywhere. Other considerations include what kind of sockets and drives computers have, what kind of monitors, web cams, add INS, and other goodies that may be of specific interest. If people want to use a computer for photography they may get a package deal where if they get a certain computer and compatible digital camera there will be a discount. Computers can be a hefty investment yet there are companies like dell for instance that make computing exceedingly more accessible than it was not long ago. There are many great online discounts for people who are good at computer shopping. I bought my Gateway computer from best buy. Other major computer retailers include walmart and I am really not sure. Please tell us what computer you use and where you got it from. How you feel about it and anything else in the comment area.


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