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Social bookmarking is the most important way to go viral. No body can argue with a group of people bookmarking your blog, your articles, your content, your videos, your video game design or whatever else you do online. Great blogs have a fortress of social bookmarks around them that defies even page rank for the best traffic getter this year. We have all heard of some of these sites like digg, delicious, reddit, mixx, to name a few, but what are some other wonderful social bookmarking communities? Here are a few:

1. diigo

2. Let's Business Network

3. My Business Community

4. Yahoo

5. I 89 US

6. Chip Mark

7. Scribd

8. Squidoo

9. Blog Marks

10. Clip Marks

11. Netscape

12. Dig My Page

13. Google has added many bookmarking functions to their search and other web properties.

I could compile a long list but I did not for a specific reason. I want you to search the world wide wonderful web for your own favorite social bookmarking site. When you find it come back to this post (after you bookmark it) and report back to the some odd billion readers that read this amazing website Internet Business Revenue pro what the second best site on the internet is.


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