Blogs That Sell Things

Blogs that sell things are the most profitable type of blog. This makes logical sense because it is much harder to just monetize content. Common things that are sold on blogs include electronics, books, makeup, downloads, credit cards, tech supplies, grants, freebies, surveys, and anything else that the affiliate companies deal and that google likes also. Bringing social media into the sell is equally as crucial as social sites like twitter and YouTube help drive inbounding links from high quality real and scraper sites. There are many synergistic sales services online including etsy. Etsy incorporates into blogs well. The blog establishes a complimentary brand with etsy and apparently the crafts fly off of the shelf. Go figure. An example of this synergy is the website we sell things for you. We sell things helps people sell stuff and is an eBay power seller. I suspect on first glance a sales blog would seem strange but the proof is definitely in the pudding. Blogging and selling stuff go hand in hand. Kids Things is a site that brings blogging and selling into an online social community. Kids things reminds me a lot of Sales Spider. In sales spider people try to sell stuff. I have long been a dropper of affiliate links in these types of classifieds though I am not sure how allowed that is any more. Social media marketing and search marketing are much more powerful then merely placing affiliate classified ads. On the other hand if the site allows it I would say do that too. The most effective marketing pitch is actually a passive promotion like this yoga blog. If I was considering taking a class for instance it is nice to see a blog so I can look with real pictures. I think we are out of the era of annoying stock photos from the 1920s. Hopefully. Who me trying to sell something? Get your free new apple macbook computer. I would click this banner but it is against the terms of service of the affiliate program.


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