Blogging is Dead: Do Not Waste Your Time

Because this blog is more involved in business than in make money blogging I would like to paint a situation. I think many people would benefit greatly from stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. What if I told you that all bloggers were furiously chasing a delusion? And those that do not blog are realists and really just get it. They get what a hoax blogging is. Here is an example. A friend of mine is the most successful person on earth. He does this by merely sizing stuff up for the message. For instance if he was in school in one minute he would know that doing homework is a waste, yet he would still get A's doing nothing. Life is much like this hypothetical. We often see skewed ratios. Blogging, writing books, becoming news papers writers, news acres or whatever are merely delusions that mask our deepest need to make wise choices in life. We need to put money where there are bigger percentage returns like banks, property, stocks, and anything else concrete. A blog on the other hand is a major money hole. I liken blogs to college. People go to college thinking they will become the next rock star or astronaut only to graduate realizing that if they saved their money they would be retired by 24! I reckon if bloggers put that time into meeting real people, doing real things they would get much farther in life. Another example is where have all of the people gone that in the 80s were all into movies? They disappeared and changed. We still have similar late adapters and I would call em bloggers. There is not money in blogging and no reason to even try.

I am just trying to prove a point that making money in life blogging is not the only option. I do know that the world is not changing and we are quickly leaving the glory days of blogging. The best bloggers stay the best and everyone else just tries for their one minute of fame. I always hearken back to the movie Easy Rider where these two guys do a cross country journey 10 or twenty years too late and have a bad run in with fait. Blogging may be much the same way. And computers in general. Where has all of this taken us? Is technology really this valuable or is it the value that society ascribes to it much like the housing market. I saw where the housing was going but I was in denial. I though hey all houses being over 6 figs was normal. Well it was not! And now I am investing and fixing up foreclosures! Could blogging see a similar fait? Will we have blog foreclosures too?

Just think about that also. I am not trying to play mind games with you folks I am only trying to prove a point. Most people may get more out of hiking across their country than they would sitting in front of a computer. Most people may benefit from putting their blog to rest once and awhile. When was the last time anyone has gone camping? Or tried a business venture that did not revolve around technology? Or take time out of their life to just talk to people? Blogs are big, but so too is living life. Give your self the time and the change. You are a living blog. You go social and viral in real life. It is a short life so see to it that you live too and do with what you have. Blogging may not have a future...


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