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Blog templates are extremely important for any blog. When using blog spot or blogger there are many options for templates. Probably the first thing most people do is learn to customize html. Many bloggers remove or add columns, tweak the header, and customize the form of the template for drastic results. There are many sites out there that apparently use a default template but when looking at them that is very hard to see. For anyone interested in getting a different template which most people are probably the first stop would be free templates. Most people are unwilling to pay for a template until their blog really takes off and becomes profitable as a result free template sites are in high demand in the blogosphere. It is extremely important to choose a template that is both good for navigation and is good to look at. It is not uncommon for a new template to generate blog traffic, increase page rank, and improves the blogger's ability to leverage social media. After all appearance is everything online. How your blog appears to other people tells them a lot about your brand, your attitudes and in many ways how serious you are. Template flaws are seen as being very newbie because after all it seems like everyone now has the perfect my space page or blog so people have high standards. Just surf the many blogger blogs and you will find this to be true. As important as it is getting the templates perfect, if you do not pay the price with content then your blog may be doomed from the start. After all the cliche in the blogosphere is 'content is king.'


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