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Blogging for search engines is a great way to make money. Pay per click advertising is actually kinda the act of advertisers buying search spots rather than the content of the particular blog that the ads are served on. Throw some small squares, squares, and large rectangles into the side bar/picture section of the post of your blog or website and see what the ppc revolution is all about. Play into search engines if you love counting money. There are a few classic search reads out there. They are:

1. Seomoz

2. Wolf Howl

3. Seo Book

4. Blog Seo

5. Jameseo

6. Daily Seo Blog

7. Matt Cutts who may work for google?

8. Black Hat Seo

There are many more seo sites out there and many good. SEO in general is what google and the other engines think of sites and how the sites can be changed. People do everything from plugging out bounding links, to fixing the meta tags and removing errors in their template. SEO is much deeper than any one mistake. A major thing to not do is some how spam the engines and expect to get away with it forever. Google for example makes more money the better the search becomes so it is in their interest to tweak the algorythms in such a way that as many bad sites get knocked out of the main pages of any particular search. This does not mean that bad sites can and do make it in. A major key in seo is not to be scared just make a good website or blog and you should do great.


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