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Getting a job blogging is not easy to do but can be the gateway to leveraging your online stuff. It may help to start a blog in order to put something on your resume. After you have a nice resume you apply to these jobs like any other. When people are hiring for a blog job the most important criteria that they use are experience, knowledge, ability to write, ability to communicate, team work, quality of work, web presence, knowledge of social media, and the list goes on. Many people who are not bloggers get blog jobs because they leverage what they know and their background. A good example of this may be that a scientist who has never blogged before knows a lot about science and has many writing samples in a publication would easily get a blog job with a science blog. With new media comes new opportunities to be had so go out and get them. Here are some resources to begin your hunt for blog jobs:

Pro Blogger Job Board

Wireless Jobs

Online Writing Jobs

Tech Republic

Home Net Pro

Many jobs are also obtained from advertising that you are a freelance blogger on sites like craigslist for example.

Besides just surfing for jobs it may also be important to network with real bloggers so you can blog on each others blogs, as well as shake hands in real life with people who own big blogging networks. At the end of the day it is who you really know versus what you may know that will land you a high paying blogging job. Peace. Please leave a comment.


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