Blog Books Are The Wave Of the Future

A blogger without a book, is fast becoming what a blogger without a blog was, a year ago. As funny as this sounds, what I am telling you is absolutely true. Books are as much an essential communication medium, as blogs are. Take for instance, you are at a family dinner with some relatives, who have never heard of a blog. You tell them that you blog, but to them its like all of your hard work does not even exist! On the other hand, if you had a book, imagine the smiles on their faces when you give them a shiny copy to read. You even sign the book, so they can sell it on eBay, for a profit. This is fast becoming a beautiful reality, thanks to companies like Blurb and Share Book, revolutionizing the book business. You are the Shakespeare of blogging, and now you can become the Shakespeare of books, as well. I love you, so please leave a comment.

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