The Best Marketing Books

Even though the internet is a free resource many people turn to books to learn of marketing. According to amazon Seth Godin's book Tribes is doing pretty good. Tribes gets fairly decent reviews as well. Anouther popular book is Social Media Marketing An Hour a Day. This book has the complete star package on amazon. It must be hard to get not a bad review. Anouther popular book is Problogger: Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income. People still do not take the blog seriously so this book is for any person who does not believe in the blog power. Your First Year in Network Marketing is a basic intro to marketing book. People on amazon claim that it is basic and informative. Adwords for Dummies is a good book to read about the google adwords system. Google adwords allows people to become advertisers which is a cool perspective of online commerce when you start advertising your product and seeing how online advertising is driven. Advanced Metrics with Google Analytics teaches people how to understand google analytics and apply it to their websites. Amazon rates this book very high.
Book Your Self Solid is a good read for people who have trouble promoting themselves and their services. Many people struggle with the new forms of media that are created every day. This book may solve some of your problems. Designing Brand Identity is a good book for people who's online branding hurts their business. Branding is a key element that can generate millions of dollars which is good.
Sell Your Book On Amazon is a great book that transforms people into book rock stars. That about concludes my book list. If you have any influential marketing books that have helped you please leave a comment.


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