Affiliate Scams

There are a lot of people online trying to make money teaching people how to make money. Much of this is an elaborate scam. Do not fall victim my friends. Most people reading this get my gist but with the dollar ruling everything there is no reason why people would not want to scam. Pulling off a scam is rewarded with money, and success. Then everyone else in the community pets these spammers in the back and tote their books even more. The news papers pick up and praise the books so the news papers can grab an affiliate sale as well. We live in a money worshiping world. There may also be money in telling it like it is. That is what this blog Internet Business Revenue Pro is all about. Keeping it real and honest. I do not want to lead people on or sell delusions. So I say look out and do not buy into that get rich quick stuff. Also check out Scam dot com its a cool site.


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