Affiliate Marketing for Blogs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money with a blog. At the same time blogs can be the hardest thing to monetize with an affiliate company. The most important thing is to use ads that make sense with the content. But this is not enough. Like most things in life affiliate marketing is not really that easy. There are a couple of ways that marketers leverage affiliate techniques to make money on a blog. The first way is simply convincing the reader that the affiliate link, or banner is just the best thing on earth and essential to have. As dirty as this may feel, most of the top blogs employ this technique and make a substantial income leveraging their many visitor. The second way of making a lot of money with affiliate companies it to set up sites designed specifically for the affiliate program. Product review blogs are easy to make and can be much more profitable with much less work than a blog that is more geared towards general interests and information. Product review sites many times incorporate an 'online store' which is a collection of affiliate links or banners set up to the point that people seeing the site believe that it is helping them. And why not, word press has a plug in that hides the crazy affiliate link URLs so most people truly do not know better. The third way people make affiliate advertising money on blogs is to create a high traffic site and have landing pages for the affiliate programs. Many times something as simple as a landing page is a much larger monetizer than ads that are jumping out at people. The reason for this is as simple as the person takes the initiative to click and when on the ad only page is more likely to click the ad then go back. This is a high conversion technique. If you have any affiliate marketing tips please share them. Thank you for your time.


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