20 Ways To Leverage Your Business Through Blogging

Having a business puts people in a unique situation, to drive to conversions, to something they know a lot about. Blogging is a business tool, of the future, and present, and can be leveraged. Here are some things businesses do, to leverage the blogosphere:

1. Pay bloggers to review their business and link in. This increases page rank, traffic, SEO and brings a new audience to the table.

2. Guest post on other blogs. The link will often drive many people to check out your online pages.

3. Start a series of blogs, related to your business. Get the good writers, in your business to contribute.

4. Leverage social media especially micro blogging, video games, and videos to get your message across.

5. Network with others in your same field and look for opportunities. Collaboration is a great business tool.

6. Use blogs to communicate with your customers, and business partners. Sometimes blogs are just great communication tools. You can have a private blog ,that only the people that need to read the information, like general times of meetings etc can go.

7. To replace newspaper advertising costs. Many businesses spend way too much money to advertise in newspapers. It does not take much to drive active targeted traffic through blogs to your business.

8. Become an affiliate advertisers. Have some of the best marketers on earth build complex sites that drive conversions and money in your pocket.

9. Get a PPC advertiser account. Pay Per Click is more subtle and more of an art for an advertiser. Yet Pay Per Click is the future of advertising. More people can make money with PPC than any other way.

10. Regularly promote your business through micro blogging. Some of the most successful business people have tweeted billions of times. It is all for good reason. Micro blogging drives traffic to your business and you make more money.

11. Call out your competitors. Many times businesses get burned by the competition. If you call them out and the crowd agrees with your complaints your competition could loose a lot of business that may in fact come to your site.

12. Build you image. Many of the best companies on earth run blogs that are nothing more than interesting things found on the Internet, and company photos on the weekend.

13. Reinforce your values. The best companies on earth have a strict value system and abide by business ethical practices. People more and more appreciate those little things. Your business makes people's lives easier, and contributes to the greater good of humanity should be a core message.

14. Blog to generate an extra income for your business. It is not secret that blogs are worth a lot of money. Put ads in the blog or get advertisers to pay for spots. Increase business earnings through your own media network, and online communities.

15. Use your blog for special discounts. It is no secret that if people go online to the sites of many businesses they can usually find great discounts and coupons that can be brought to the stores. Traffic drives visibility and the perks keep people comming back. If you do not reward your employees and customers your business will suck.

16. Use your blog to leverage free stories in the main stream media. All companies have success stories, creation stories, trial stories that the media would pick up on if you blog about it. Tell your story. Highlight people who have done good for your company. Celebrate your customers. Do charity work. All of these feel good things will drive up the bottom line 20 times over.

17. To create a loyalty among your share holders, and people who work for you. Give them a space. Studies show that if people can decorate their room they will be happier and live there longer. Let your people decorate their rooms online.

18. Leverage the viral power of blogs to make your business more globally orientated. Sometimes businesses overly target people and miss great and simple opportunities.

19. Use your blog as a historical document. Many resturants that are now going out of business have fake regalia or australian pictures all over the walls to set the mood. Bring this to the table. It is great to have people see where you came from and where you are going.

20. Because blogs are fun. Business can be stressful. Blogging helps business and can be a good diversion.


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