10 ways to increase Your Twitter Followers By 2.47%

Before reading this article, please follow me on twitter. Thankyou! Twitter is the best social site ever my friends. Recently I noticed that world famous YouTube finally added twitter to the share options. This should really help people crank up the video views if the videos are going into high powered twitter streams. Twitter is as I say and say again growing exponentially and everyone loves it without exception. That is the sound of perfection. Perfection don't grow on trees but it is in twitter. Twitter is a powerful tool that can directly increase income. Twitter followers are a lot like subscribers in that they bounce on anything. For instance when I look at the feed even if people do not link drop I regularly check out profiles then click through and spend some quality time on their site and try to find ways that I can incorporate the link into the content of my blog. I think others approach twitter this way also. Twitter has a powerful @ reaction that brings large networking into the visibility because the followers of the person who throws the @ at ya may not follow you but they want to see what the commotion is all about. They follow the path to your site and Bram you have a traffic flood, links and millions of dollars in the bank sorta speak. I have gotten @ by people within the twitter elite. You can too. That is the power and greatness of twitter. Where was I going with this? Well followers on twitter are a lot like blog subscribers. It is good to increase them at all costs. My top ten list of things to do may be elementary but bear with me.

1. Set Up everything in the account. Connect twitter to your instant messaging devices, throw up the background that has contact info and URLs in it, get the twitter widget and throw it on every site social media profile and other stuff of yours on the net, etc. Have a URL to a social profile or your website. Write in a targeting keyword rich description. Use google to help you get the rich key phrases that describe you. Instead of saying check out my web design stuff if you are a web designer try something like web design portfolio gallery. I took that phrase from a suggested search in the google search box. If you are into SEO use some hot SEO software. Link all of your blogs and social media sites to and from your twitter account. Establishing links and leveraging your social capital all around the net is key. When I get to a website and I see social links I usually try to become friends with the person because they went through the trouble of setting up the social contact info. All of which implies that they want followers. Use the hot google keywords to promote your twitter account on your other sites like 'follow me on twitter' which is furn hot. Drop it like its hot. Also try the keywords 'follow me on twitter Widget.' Go to google to find these traffic driving language. Google is god after all on the Internet. Another thing is to follow as many people as you can till twitter stops you. Many people will reciprocal follow you! Also tweet tweet tweet. Tweet as much as twitter allows you per day. Link drop, do not link drop it don't mattah just do it. Be smart try to win twitter. I could go on forever on number 1 but I will go to number 2 Just bust it. You are good enough.

2. Try the apps that increase twitter followers like Tweet Penguin. Tweet Penguin brings together people by interests kinda like a twitter luv in app. Type in TWITTER APPS into google and find services like this and repeat. These twitter profile traffic building apps are like the equivalent of feed burner and pingomatic to bloggers. They are powerful especially for people who are not personal friends of all of the top twitter users for instance.

3. Next type into google 'Twitter Tools.' These tools are cash money. So what is a cool tool? Besides the Twito Shirt which is essential in my mind!? Try Twitter Feed. This will save the time to pop in the tweets. Your twitter stream will start posting Bram Bram Bram just like you crank out the blog content.

4. Get the Twitterrific tool bar if you have compatibility.

5. Twhirl

6. Twitturly the twitter only social bookmarking powerhouse. Leverage it like you do digg.

7. Utilize some kind of 'Twitter Widget' like Twitter Card. Widgets are magical my friends if they do not slow down the speed of our blogs.

8. Read and comment on Twitip. Darren Rowse and the people who contribute to twitip know more about twitter than I do. They also tweet more. They are the experts. Heed every word and tip they give. If you did all that they bring to the table on Twitip you would shoot up to number 1 for twitter followers. That would be sweet!

9. Get a 'BADGE.' There is a site Tweet Up Badges that may help you. As the old saying goes a uniform without a badge is only stiff clothing. With a badge a uniform is magical. This magic will make you wake up one day and find out that you have so many twitter followers that twitter will kick you off and tell you that you are way to successful for the tweetosphere.

10. Twitter Counter Twitter Counter Twitter Counter!

That is the end of my list. Winning twitter is like winning anything else in social media. First impressions are everything. If you invest the time, talent and treasure to getting everything right from a shiny avatar that perhaps could be your picture to your glorious background and traffic generating app obsession you should be a winner and become a twitter millionaire. If you become a millionaire that would be cool. Follow me on twitter.


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