10 New Blog Tips: Ways to Blog Sweeter

There are far too many articles on blogging. Many of them are very good, but I feel there are some things that are not talked about enough. That topic is truly building better blogs from the bottom up rather than the top down. What I mean by this is that people ignore some simple things that are so fundamental to blogging that they miss big opportunities.

1. Get a site that functions fast. Stop Design for example did the minimal. Minimal but probably the best template ever.

2. Take off those silly ads. Making money is for people who do not realize in the power of the path less travelled. Throw the ads on when the site blows up to the top.

3. Black is the best color for a blog hands down. Many people will say white but there is a lot of love out there for the dark sites. Dark and Minimal.

4. Why affiliate market when you can create the best content ever. You are better than a product pusher.

5. Do not link to anyone for any reason. Keep the juice in the blog. Do not make the mistake of being a linker. Once you give the juice away you give them your traffic and your success. They are your competition and not your friends.

6. You are a better writer, film maker, video game designer than you think. Build your brand around what you can do rather than what others say you can't do.

7. Ignore the social sites and spend all of the time blogging. When the time trap is set there is no going back so waste no time and blog.

8. Google is king. Whisper to it and ask it how it feels of everything. Write good for google and keep up with google.

9. Try aiming for articles over a thousand words with ten multi media components.

10. You know everything. And if you do not just learn as you go. You are a blog master.


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