13 Ways To Appreciate A Top Blogger

Many people have favorite bloggers. Many of them are in the top one percent of the blogosphere. There are many ways to appreciate the job that they did, and some will help yourself as well. Here are a few things to do.

1. Shoot your favorite blogger an email. Getting in touch with the people can often help yourself.

2. Write a letter. In the age of email spam and just way too much email a real letter might work.

3. Give them a phone call. Sometimes it can be hard giving some one a call that you do not know but really you have nothing to loose. If you do not do it someone else will and receive the benefits.

4. Interview the blogger on your blog. A little Q and A will brighten the ego of even the best blogger. They feel like something might be getting accomplished also.

5. Put their blog in your blog roll. Links are always appreciated. Blog rolls are a special kind of link that has a different connotation that a regular citation deep link or linking out to a URL.

6. Comment on their blog. Even the top blogs have days when the comments are slow. Why not start the conversation. That is what they wanted right?

7. Link to their blog using specific anchor text. They may have a better idea of that than anyone.

8. Bookmarking their site on a social bookmarking website. They will be thankful of the traffic. In many cases the top bloggers tend to not submit their stuff and rather wait for someone else to do it. If you submit their blog post, video, or picture to digg and it goes viral your account will get traffic as well. In that sense sites like digg work best when people band together and crowd source for each other.

9. Become their friends in online social communities. Becoming their friend has benefits for both you and them. Top bloggers are never surprised by friend adds because they have many friends most of which are more online acquaintances.

10. Write an article about their blog on your blog or for your local newspaper. Even top bloggers need all of the help that they can get. They live constantly with the fear that what they are doing will not last forever.

11. Talk to them at a blogging or tech convention. People place too high a value in online communication. At the end of the day network's returns diminish especially when people are not meeting in real life. Also you may be able to collaborate with them and help with their newest projects.

12. Subscribe to their rss feed and get their free e book. Help them increase their feed number so they can make more money with advertisers and increase their clout.

13. Buy their real life books, Cd's and other things for sale. Many top bloggers have an extremely difficult time gaining a high degree of credibility in the 'real world.' There are many reasons for this but I would say help them make it and survive. Supporting bloggers actually helps all bloggers because it makes the whole game possible. When the money stops I fear so to will the information, blogs and blogosphere.


20 Ways To Leverage Your Business Through Blogging

Having a business puts people in a unique situation, to drive to conversions, to something they know a lot about. Blogging is a business tool, of the future, and present, and can be leveraged. Here are some things businesses do, to leverage the blogosphere:

1. Pay bloggers to review their business and link in. This increases page rank, traffic, SEO and brings a new audience to the table.

2. Guest post on other blogs. The link will often drive many people to check out your online pages.

3. Start a series of blogs, related to your business. Get the good writers, in your business to contribute.

4. Leverage social media especially micro blogging, video games, and videos to get your message across.

5. Network with others in your same field and look for opportunities. Collaboration is a great business tool.

6. Use blogs to communicate with your customers, and business partners. Sometimes blogs are just great communication tools. You can have a private blog ,that only the people that need to read the information, like general times of meetings etc can go.

7. To replace newspaper advertising costs. Many businesses spend way too much money to advertise in newspapers. It does not take much to drive active targeted traffic through blogs to your business.

8. Become an affiliate advertisers. Have some of the best marketers on earth build complex sites that drive conversions and money in your pocket.

9. Get a PPC advertiser account. Pay Per Click is more subtle and more of an art for an advertiser. Yet Pay Per Click is the future of advertising. More people can make money with PPC than any other way.

10. Regularly promote your business through micro blogging. Some of the most successful business people have tweeted billions of times. It is all for good reason. Micro blogging drives traffic to your business and you make more money.

11. Call out your competitors. Many times businesses get burned by the competition. If you call them out and the crowd agrees with your complaints your competition could loose a lot of business that may in fact come to your site.

12. Build you image. Many of the best companies on earth run blogs that are nothing more than interesting things found on the Internet, and company photos on the weekend.

13. Reinforce your values. The best companies on earth have a strict value system and abide by business ethical practices. People more and more appreciate those little things. Your business makes people's lives easier, and contributes to the greater good of humanity should be a core message.

14. Blog to generate an extra income for your business. It is not secret that blogs are worth a lot of money. Put ads in the blog or get advertisers to pay for spots. Increase business earnings through your own media network, and online communities.

15. Use your blog for special discounts. It is no secret that if people go online to the sites of many businesses they can usually find great discounts and coupons that can be brought to the stores. Traffic drives visibility and the perks keep people comming back. If you do not reward your employees and customers your business will suck.

16. Use your blog to leverage free stories in the main stream media. All companies have success stories, creation stories, trial stories that the media would pick up on if you blog about it. Tell your story. Highlight people who have done good for your company. Celebrate your customers. Do charity work. All of these feel good things will drive up the bottom line 20 times over.

17. To create a loyalty among your share holders, and people who work for you. Give them a space. Studies show that if people can decorate their room they will be happier and live there longer. Let your people decorate their rooms online.

18. Leverage the viral power of blogs to make your business more globally orientated. Sometimes businesses overly target people and miss great and simple opportunities.

19. Use your blog as a historical document. Many resturants that are now going out of business have fake regalia or australian pictures all over the walls to set the mood. Bring this to the table. It is great to have people see where you came from and where you are going.

20. Because blogs are fun. Business can be stressful. Blogging helps business and can be a good diversion.


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The Top Ten Worst Blogging Mistakes Ever Made

1. Not sticking with the blog long enough. Blogging is a game that the longer a blog is out the more money it makes.

2. Spending too much time on failed ideas. If the blog can not pull significant viral traffic relatively quickly it may be doomed to never being in the top 1000.

3. Themes, pictures, video games and multimedia that slow the loading time of a site so long that people get up and turn their tv on.

4. Leaving the title and labels fields blank! Blogs do not really need them sure. You will still get traffic but... Titles and labels are major tools and not just an annoying step.

5. Doing too much to fit into the blogosphere.

6. Too much non original stuff. Some blogs are full of widgets, content, and other things that may be creative commons but... Unless they are trying to bring it all together in some where people are most interested in what can be created than what can be gathered of web images and whatever.

7. Deleting your first blog. Bloggers start the mythical first blog only to be horrified at how bad it is. They quickly delete it at 5 in the morning. The right thing to do is to delete any posts you do not like. If you are sick of the idea link off to your next project to keep the link juice you built up.

8. Not having enough faith in the blogosphere and social media. Blogging is a big deal. It is not silly. Take other blogs seriously.

9. Linking out too much. Do not always link. Produce some good stuff. Writing, pictures, videos, etc.

10. Believing that because the blog gets not traffic that it is bad. Even a trickle of traffic can make some mad ppc cash.


Blogger Templates Generator

Generating blogger templates is a new thing. Many uploads people tweak after they upload the template. With one particular site called PsycHo people can make the template like they do some kind of customizable social profile.


The New Wave Social Bookmarking Platforms

Social bookmarking is big. There is actually a new alternative to digg. It is called Yigg.


Finding Real Friends in Social Media

Social media is great. Get thousands of friends. But also make better relationships with the friends that you do have. A good service to aid in this is Yokway. Yokway brings together feeds and conversation.


The Future of Microblogging

Microblogging is front and center in the social media game. Two of the hottest microblogging sites are twitter and plurk. Twitter in particular is growing like crazy. Microblink is a good blog that covers the world of microblogging. Also check out Plurkular and Plurkable. Good luck keep the tweets and plurks comming.


Do Not Set Up A Blog Build a Community

Many people buy into concepts of blogging too quickly. They focus on what the best blog scripts are to help them be a pro blogger and they turn their back on community and content management scripts that could build web communities for themselves. Online communities build their own content except for maintenance. Imagine not really doing much with a site in 6 months yet it does not go a day without being active? There are numerous scripts and plug ins that can build online communities. Some people for instance turn word press into a community instead of a blog. While others go for mambo, joomla, drupal, geeklog, elgg, pligg, and any other script or software on the market for building a community. Many scripts are ready out of the box while others require uploading plug ins and other add ons. Message boards and forums for example are a great way to keep people on your site. With a good forum people go directly there and even drive good links and search spots. Any domain can have a script, the domains subs can have scripts and these scripts can be weaved together through links and creating a one spot sign in which in many cases is not incredibly complicated.

Some Scripts, Programs, Downloads and other related type of stuff:

Media Scripts

Entertainment Scripts

PSI Labs


The Port

Small World Labs

Kick Apps

Mini Web 2





Geek Log



PHP Nuke

PHP Builder

PHP Fusion

PHP Explode

The list goes on. Just find a community software that is easy for you. Even set it up on the home page of a domain. Tweak the theme. Throw adds up top. And you could be seeing a great residual income. After all some hosting plans are like 7 a year which could be over headed with ads in a month on a slow site. Do up the community thing my friends. Blogs are cool but move beyond them and you will see the light.


What Your Blog Really Needs: 11 Things Bloggers Can't Do Without

1. A different title, URL and approach. Some ideas take way too long to precipitate.

2. More posts. I do this a lot where I am afraid of posting because I do not want to mess up the new blog feel. Well it is hard to really mess up a blog. Start those posts.

3. A return to the basics. Why not strip down to a 3 or 4 column basic template with a personal design up top.

4. More inspiration. Be inspired when you post. Do not always work so hard at it. Do at least one post a day that takes no effort just organizing information you know completely off the top of your head.

5. Spell check. Capitals. Other punctuation and grammar.

6. More attention. Spend less time reading other blogs and really focus on yours for a few hours a day.

7. A change of blogging mediums. Just a new template or trying blogging on a new medium can really change how you feel about blogging.

8. Some time off. Your traffic will really go nowhere. Not blogging decreases the initial post surge traffic but increases deep blog traffic. The search engines will start to turn towards the older posts and find ways to further incorporate them into the search pile.

9. A hotter intro, about, titles, and other things that create first impressions. Many of the top bloggers leave up certain posts on the front page for years. Good posts are timeless. Keep them on the front page or their links on the front page.

10. Tag clouds and post generators to help new visitors conceptualize how your blog fits together.

11. More video. The media and pictures can add much needed splash to keep people's attention to the blog.


Why People Care More About Your Opinion than Anything Else

There is an old saying in the make money online sphere that we do not care what you had for breakfast. But we do care what you think about things. The best blogs on earth, the most popular blogs, and the most well liked blogs are a collection of opinions. Very little in the way of content, teaching, or giving back rarely occurs on the most profitable blogs. We hear one line of the news followed by a hundred pages of misguided opinions, followed by reader reactions, and other blogger reactions. Emotion is what precipitates through social media. This is why people troll everything. Trolls are not a bad thing but generally people who challenge the communities and can step over the line. Why for example would people leave a blog comment, or link to another website for any reason other than to react. Reaction is another word for link on many sites. I believe for a blog to go from post one to number one on earth there needs to be clear beliefs and opinions that facilitate to some degree a desire for the readers to become mentally engaged in the content.


Blogging is Dead: Do Not Waste Your Time

Because this blog is more involved in business than in make money blogging I would like to paint a situation. I think many people would benefit greatly from stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. What if I told you that all bloggers were furiously chasing a delusion? And those that do not blog are realists and really just get it. They get what a hoax blogging is. Here is an example. A friend of mine is the most successful person on earth. He does this by merely sizing stuff up for the message. For instance if he was in school in one minute he would know that doing homework is a waste, yet he would still get A's doing nothing. Life is much like this hypothetical. We often see skewed ratios. Blogging, writing books, becoming news papers writers, news acres or whatever are merely delusions that mask our deepest need to make wise choices in life. We need to put money where there are bigger percentage returns like banks, property, stocks, and anything else concrete. A blog on the other hand is a major money hole. I liken blogs to college. People go to college thinking they will become the next rock star or astronaut only to graduate realizing that if they saved their money they would be retired by 24! I reckon if bloggers put that time into meeting real people, doing real things they would get much farther in life. Another example is where have all of the people gone that in the 80s were all into movies? They disappeared and changed. We still have similar late adapters and I would call em bloggers. There is not money in blogging and no reason to even try.

I am just trying to prove a point that making money in life blogging is not the only option. I do know that the world is not changing and we are quickly leaving the glory days of blogging. The best bloggers stay the best and everyone else just tries for their one minute of fame. I always hearken back to the movie Easy Rider where these two guys do a cross country journey 10 or twenty years too late and have a bad run in with fait. Blogging may be much the same way. And computers in general. Where has all of this taken us? Is technology really this valuable or is it the value that society ascribes to it much like the housing market. I saw where the housing was going but I was in denial. I though hey all houses being over 6 figs was normal. Well it was not! And now I am investing and fixing up foreclosures! Could blogging see a similar fait? Will we have blog foreclosures too?

Just think about that also. I am not trying to play mind games with you folks I am only trying to prove a point. Most people may get more out of hiking across their country than they would sitting in front of a computer. Most people may benefit from putting their blog to rest once and awhile. When was the last time anyone has gone camping? Or tried a business venture that did not revolve around technology? Or take time out of their life to just talk to people? Blogs are big, but so too is living life. Give your self the time and the change. You are a living blog. You go social and viral in real life. It is a short life so see to it that you live too and do with what you have. Blogging may not have a future...


10 New Blog Tips: Ways to Blog Sweeter

There are far too many articles on blogging. Many of them are very good, but I feel there are some things that are not talked about enough. That topic is truly building better blogs from the bottom up rather than the top down. What I mean by this is that people ignore some simple things that are so fundamental to blogging that they miss big opportunities.

1. Get a site that functions fast. Stop Design for example did the minimal. Minimal but probably the best template ever.

2. Take off those silly ads. Making money is for people who do not realize in the power of the path less travelled. Throw the ads on when the site blows up to the top.

3. Black is the best color for a blog hands down. Many people will say white but there is a lot of love out there for the dark sites. Dark and Minimal.

4. Why affiliate market when you can create the best content ever. You are better than a product pusher.

5. Do not link to anyone for any reason. Keep the juice in the blog. Do not make the mistake of being a linker. Once you give the juice away you give them your traffic and your success. They are your competition and not your friends.

6. You are a better writer, film maker, video game designer than you think. Build your brand around what you can do rather than what others say you can't do.

7. Ignore the social sites and spend all of the time blogging. When the time trap is set there is no going back so waste no time and blog.

8. Google is king. Whisper to it and ask it how it feels of everything. Write good for google and keep up with google.

9. Try aiming for articles over a thousand words with ten multi media components.

10. You know everything. And if you do not just learn as you go. You are a blog master.


I Need A Blog Doctor

The Blog Doctor is a very amazing site on how to blog and use blogger well. The Blog Doctor answers questions of themes and stuff like that. Check it out.


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Blellow is a hot micro blogging site.


Just Answer

Just Answer is a site where people can get answers to their legal questions.


Coreg Media

Coreg Media is an online advertising company.



Bay TSP is a content control system that helps businesses manage situations with cyber content.


Speak To Me

Speak To Me is a service that helps people charge money for phone conversations.



Palkey is an AdSense alternative.



Traffiq is an online advertising company for publishers and advertisers to make money online like a pro. Got to love that Internet business revenue!


CEO Blog Watch

CEO Blog Watch is a blog about blogging and business.


Do Blogs Work

Nope. People work for blogs. It takes a person to tweak a blog, type a blog, and read a blog. It takes a person to prepare a post, edit a post, and post a post. It takes a person. That is what blogging is all about. People. Blogging is an art, blogging is communication, and blogging is a gift much like a radio signal or a sunset. Blogging is something many people understand and relate to. Blogging is inspiring. We can learn from blogging. Just type your question into Google and be prepared to be taken to a great blog. Blogs are all about us. Blogs are our experience. People on TV just want your money. I feel blogs strive for human communication, writing, media, and all forms. Blogging is a synergy. Blogs are what that person playing guitar in front of the coffee shop feels. Blogging is powerful like space travel. We look for aliens, we stick flags in the moon and we blog. We send signals out into the cosmos and we blog. We explore the deepest oceans and we blog. We read blogs. We write blogs. We communicate on blogs. More people read blogs than anything else these days. That is how blogs work. On this site for instance many I do not know thousands of people have seen my writing, videos and pictures. In school I busted my own chops to do a lot of work. No body read it. Well these thousands or millions of people who read this blog do appreciate it more than anything I have ever done. That is because blogging is where it is at. This has nothing to do with me or my ego or my desire to make money online at all costs. Blogging is just cool and special. It works on us. Blogging is a soul journey. I am not asking you to waste your life reading blogs but rather just affirm that these blogs exist and that they are cool!


Do Blogs Cost Money

Blogs do cost money. Even free services like Blogger have a price. For example a person using blogger uses time, may have to pay for Internet service, may have to pay for computer or mobile device to blog on , etc. Bloggers can use advertising to effectively alleviate hosting fees for people who blog on the scripts like Wordpress. Blogging is a cost benefit analysis. Also according to a technorati state of the blogosphere report bloggers were spending more and more money on their blogs. They may spend money on themes, design, AdWords, features, software, toolbars and anything else to be successful blogging and in social media. Blogging is a mony sport my friends. But the benefits are many. I believe that people who stick with blogging will make more money than they spend, will forge deep interpersonal relationships with other people, will gain access to jobs, will have their voice be heard, and receive numerous other benefits as well. Blogging is a gift and it is a community. Be smart with your money but also give blogging a try.


Do Blogs Help SEO

The great question is, what are your SEO goals? A blog may dilute the keywords of the page you already have, but may also send a lot of traffic from a variety of key words. Key word targeted blogs, can actually help SEO. If you want to convert on particular key words, or get major traffic to a specific thing, blogging is a great tool. Blogs can bring content to the top of the search pile, and can drive traffic to websites long after any post is made. Blogging can help SEO, if done right.


How Blogs Started

The Internet had its many early adaptors. You may be included in this category. The early days of the Internet people were making websites and businesses and breaking boundaries. E Commerce sites with reviews became major hot beds of user generated information. This is how much of online technology is built out of necessity, and inevitability. Blogs of all types were quickly born out of the ashes of the super tech surges of the 80s and 90s. (The first blog existed probably long before the dates often sited) Bloggers wanted to figure out ways to put information of things that they did day to day and other stuff online. Creating the blog format, and feeds like rss through programming was relatively speaking a natural progression built on the technological frame work of the time and even today. The popularity of blogging quickly spread and soon groups of people with open source projects, and companies hoping to cash in on this new found technology grew daily. As the ability to make money from blogs grew so to was the willingness of people to spend time creating content. It did not take long before blogging would take off. Even in the early days people knew just as we know today how powerful the Internet is!


Why Blogs Are Useful

Blogs are extremely useful to bloggers. Blogs drive traffic to advertising and business. As a result there is a direct correlation to money made and blogging done. Readers of blogs take in information, participate in the community, and promote their own things. From a larger perspective blogs are the new thing. They shape lives of people, empower people, and enact change on the world much like anything on earth. The computer is increasingly the mode that is bringing real people together to solve real problems. These dilemmas include things as simple as I need money, I need a job, to as complex as discovering new energy in the universe, and answering the question is there life out there. Bloggers have a unique obligation to themselves and to other people to be more truthful and more open minded because of the unfiltered mode of the media. If I say something that is bad or other people disagree I will hear about it. If I make a poor case people will fill in the better answers. And if I try to brainwash people I will hear about it. Blogging is probably because of this one of the more honest forms of writing there is. People can push and pull, manipulate the dreams of others but there will always be the counter argument and a community of people coming to new conclusions and solving new problems. Because of this blogs move information around the world quickly so it can evolve.


Why Is My Blog Not On Google

I hear this a lot. People have trouble getting their content onto google and other search engines. This can happen for a variety of reasons. The first and most common reason is that people put into feed burner or into their blog options to not index their website. This can sometimes just happen as an error too. People often see a money making blog go to no money over night. The second most common reason can be where the blog is made. Some blogging platforms are closed off to the Internet. Because of this people can blog for their friends but the content is not open to spiders and robots that collect google search materials. The third most common reason for not being indexed is a fatal flaw in the coding, programming, template or anywhere else on the blog. There are certain things that the spiders may pick up and are commanded to leave a site or feed alone. Search engines pick up sites relatively quickly so the whole concept of wait a month or whatever is going around is absolutely ludicrous. Find the problem and fix it.


Popular Screensaver Toolbar


Popular Screen Savers


Screen Savers


System Mechanic 6


Fix-It Utilities 9 Professional


12 of the Hottest Page Rank Tools On The Market

So what are some good tools for testing and determining page rank? Here are a few:

1. Page Rank Tool

2. PR Checker

3. Google Rankings

4. The Google Page Rank

5. Smart Page Rank

6. 4 Weblog

7. Search Engine Engine

8. Page Rank Tools

9. Page Rank Mu

10. The Get PR

11. URL Trends

12. Ranking Today


Web Design Award Winners

Web design awards allow people to observe new conventions and to contact good web designers for projects. There are a lot of great website award spots out there:

1. American Design Awards

2. Webbie Awards

3. The American Association of Webmasters

4. Web Design Awards

5. World Wide Web Awards

6. Applied Arts Mag

7. Interactive Media Awards

8. Design Licks

9. Horizon Interactive Awards

That concludes my list of web design awards sites. If you have any thoughts or additions to the list please leave a comment.


Adsense Help Centre

Google AdSense is a very unique way of making money online through advertising. Google AdSense has many rules, regulations, tricks and tweaks. As a result it pays to get help. Check out Google AdSense Help.


Adsense Tips Tricks

Google AdSense is an extremely effective way of monetizing a website that receives traffic from a search engine. Because advertisers actually bid on search terms and not, what is on the site, the AdSense ads are in effect, perfectly targeted to make money. The sites that make the most money, receive their traffic on important key words, that also bid high, get clicked a lot, pay a lot per click, and have a good click through rate. As a result making money with google AdSense, is directly linked to search engine optimization.


Adsense Revenue Exposed

Google AdSense is one of the great online advertising companies. As the AdSense unit creeps more towards the center of the screen as a web page loads the greater the money the AdSense unit makes. The AdSense square for instance is a very successful shape. When the square becomes a picture ad on a web page for instance it will be extremely deceptive to a reader. Many people seeing the ad will actually think it is a part of the content on the web page. This is an ideal blending situation where the ad is as non obtrusive and as targeted as possible.


10 ways to increase Your Twitter Followers By 2.47%

Before reading this article, please follow me on twitter. Thankyou! Twitter is the best social site ever my friends. Recently I noticed that world famous YouTube finally added twitter to the share options. This should really help people crank up the video views if the videos are going into high powered twitter streams. Twitter is as I say and say again growing exponentially and everyone loves it without exception. That is the sound of perfection. Perfection don't grow on trees but it is in twitter. Twitter is a powerful tool that can directly increase income. Twitter followers are a lot like subscribers in that they bounce on anything. For instance when I look at the feed even if people do not link drop I regularly check out profiles then click through and spend some quality time on their site and try to find ways that I can incorporate the link into the content of my blog. I think others approach twitter this way also. Twitter has a powerful @ reaction that brings large networking into the visibility because the followers of the person who throws the @ at ya may not follow you but they want to see what the commotion is all about. They follow the path to your site and Bram you have a traffic flood, links and millions of dollars in the bank sorta speak. I have gotten @ by people within the twitter elite. You can too. That is the power and greatness of twitter. Where was I going with this? Well followers on twitter are a lot like blog subscribers. It is good to increase them at all costs. My top ten list of things to do may be elementary but bear with me.

1. Set Up everything in the account. Connect twitter to your instant messaging devices, throw up the background that has contact info and URLs in it, get the twitter widget and throw it on every site social media profile and other stuff of yours on the net, etc. Have a URL to a social profile or your website. Write in a targeting keyword rich description. Use google to help you get the rich key phrases that describe you. Instead of saying check out my web design stuff if you are a web designer try something like web design portfolio gallery. I took that phrase from a suggested search in the google search box. If you are into SEO use some hot SEO software. Link all of your blogs and social media sites to and from your twitter account. Establishing links and leveraging your social capital all around the net is key. When I get to a website and I see social links I usually try to become friends with the person because they went through the trouble of setting up the social contact info. All of which implies that they want followers. Use the hot google keywords to promote your twitter account on your other sites like 'follow me on twitter' which is furn hot. Drop it like its hot. Also try the keywords 'follow me on twitter Widget.' Go to google to find these traffic driving language. Google is god after all on the Internet. Another thing is to follow as many people as you can till twitter stops you. Many people will reciprocal follow you! Also tweet tweet tweet. Tweet as much as twitter allows you per day. Link drop, do not link drop it don't mattah just do it. Be smart try to win twitter. I could go on forever on number 1 but I will go to number 2 Just bust it. You are good enough.

2. Try the apps that increase twitter followers like Tweet Penguin. Tweet Penguin brings together people by interests kinda like a twitter luv in app. Type in TWITTER APPS into google and find services like this and repeat. These twitter profile traffic building apps are like the equivalent of feed burner and pingomatic to bloggers. They are powerful especially for people who are not personal friends of all of the top twitter users for instance.

3. Next type into google 'Twitter Tools.' These tools are cash money. So what is a cool tool? Besides the Twito Shirt which is essential in my mind!? Try Twitter Feed. This will save the time to pop in the tweets. Your twitter stream will start posting Bram Bram Bram just like you crank out the blog content.

4. Get the Twitterrific tool bar if you have compatibility.

5. Twhirl

6. Twitturly the twitter only social bookmarking powerhouse. Leverage it like you do digg.

7. Utilize some kind of 'Twitter Widget' like Twitter Card. Widgets are magical my friends if they do not slow down the speed of our blogs.

8. Read and comment on Twitip. Darren Rowse and the people who contribute to twitip know more about twitter than I do. They also tweet more. They are the experts. Heed every word and tip they give. If you did all that they bring to the table on Twitip you would shoot up to number 1 for twitter followers. That would be sweet!

9. Get a 'BADGE.' There is a site Tweet Up Badges that may help you. As the old saying goes a uniform without a badge is only stiff clothing. With a badge a uniform is magical. This magic will make you wake up one day and find out that you have so many twitter followers that twitter will kick you off and tell you that you are way to successful for the tweetosphere.

10. Twitter Counter Twitter Counter Twitter Counter!

That is the end of my list. Winning twitter is like winning anything else in social media. First impressions are everything. If you invest the time, talent and treasure to getting everything right from a shiny avatar that perhaps could be your picture to your glorious background and traffic generating app obsession you should be a winner and become a twitter millionaire. If you become a millionaire that would be cool. Follow me on twitter.


Forex News Trading Strategy

Forex trading is a type of trading that exploits the general relative currencies shifts that occur. Because spotting trends in currencies is relatively easier than knowing if a company's stock is going up or down Forex is the place. Have you heard of the website GFT Forex?


Day Trading For Beginners

One of the best advices that I ever got with reguards to the stock market is never take advice that seems too good to be true. Because it never is. Check out Beginner Trade.


Plurk Themes And Layouts

Plurk is great. What is also great is making the plurk profile rock with Plurk Layouts. This is all cool like Snorg Tees. We can all have our cakes and eat it too.


Trading After Hours

After the bell dings there are still trades to be made. The master trader does not sleep and the word day trader is just an expression/ figure of speech my friends. Some places for after hour trades made include TNFG, and First Trade.


Trading Gold Online

Gold Gold Gold all I ever hear of is gold. Gold is expensive. Gold can be traded. Gold gets a lot of lip. My question is what if we no longer find gold valuable then what would we trade? Silicon? Sea Shells? Just kidding gold is a big deal. I am not sure if that is because trading gold is a good idea or if that is just what everyone says. People say a lot of things. Some good online gold trading sites include

1. Bullion Vault

2. Bullion Direct

3. Trade Gold Online

4. Cal Gold Online

This just about ends my post on trading gold and the modern day gold rush called online gold trading. I guess I will be saving all of my gold crayons! I be rich!


Bonds and Stocks Difference

Stocks and bonds are two dynamic things. A stock is like taking stock in something. You pay for a philosophical part. You can be an activist and have a bit of say. Bonds on the other hand is like you are becoming a lender of money to the government or institutions for an IOU after x amount of time. The definitions of the two really are farther ranging and blurred but whatever. There are many markets around the world but in my neck of the woods I hear much of the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. I personally have a bit of money in both but I would recommend people look outside of the United States to trade for many reasons. If you do trading online check out Scott Trade and Sogo Trade.


Trade Stocks From Home

Trading stocks is a profitable enterprise. Stocks, bonds, anuities, gold you name it are types of places to stick money. Some stocks as an example pay divedends just for being a holder. If the stock is held long enough the company may stick a little more stock into the account and the divedends can go up. An example of divedends would be me getting a few checks from various companies a few times a year. This money can be saved or used. Some online trading sites include:

1. Zecco

2. E Trade

3. TD Ameritrade

4. Forex

That just about concludes my list of a few sites for online trading. If I left a stocks site out please say something.


Secrets of the Stock Market