MyBlogLog.Com is a Yahoo based Community of Bloggers. MyBlogLog is an excellent service to join because it Tracks Your Site's Feeds, has cool Analytics Tools and Social Widgets that You can Put on Your Site or Blog, and is INVALUABLE as a NETWORKING, and LINK BUILDING tool, that has helped many Bloggers find Success. The downside of any Social Site Like this, is obviously the loss of Content Rights, that you sign away when Joining, so if you don't like the Terms of Service don't Join.
Another negative aspect of MyBlogLog is that fact that if your Blog or Site doesn't have a whole lot of strength in the Search Game then your MYBLOGLOG Profile, Activity or Feed on MyBlogLog may rank higher then your SITE. Personally I'd rather have my Site the highest Ranking Internet Activity, that I do, so People can go directly to MY Business! (Direct Organic Traffic Is the Most Likely Traffic that Will hit Your Targeted Ads, Consume Your Business's Products, Goods, and Services and ULTIMATELY Make You Money.)


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