PAYPAL.COM is a great service where a Person with a Blog or Website can easily start a viable Business Selling Goods, Services, and Collecting Donations. PayPal is basically an Online Money Handling Database that is FREE to use, highly Customizable, and Adaptable. But remember PayPal is subject to Restrictions, for example it is Taxable and when conducting Businesses on PayPal, it is important to check Specific Laws because you are wholly subject to them.
Many Bloggers, Site Owners, and E-Commerce types use PayPal a variety of ways.

1. You can build a Blog with each Post Pitching a Product. In this instance make sure your products title and description are concise, describe wholly what you are offering and State Clearly the terms and Conditions of the products. Pictures are a must. With you Product's Picture make the file name a description of the product so when people for instance google your Product, that it will be included in Search Engine's Image Search as well.

2. You can Tag a Market section of your existing Blog and Sell with PayPal using the Traffic that you have already Built.

3. You can start a Business Site using Services like WEBSITE TONIGHT.COM to build up a Business Beta Frame-Work for your Site. In this instance it helps to start a Sub-Domain Blog off of your Site to attract People because Commerce sites tend to not Catalog well with the search engines.
My final thoughts on Pay Pal are that it is a highly underutilized Web Business orientated Platform, that may make you some money.


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